Wk 3 – Artist Interview – Juliana Bustillo & Tidawhitney Lek

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset IMG_2423

Meet Juliana and Tida, two very interesting individuals. When I first greeted them, they were the only artists without a crowd of students surrounding them. However, mid-conversation, they immediately saw something across the gallery and dashed over to look at it. I could see one of them crawl behind planters just to reach it, and thought, “wow, these two are really something else…” But once they came back and gave me their insight, I’ll have to say I’ve never met such passionate artists until now.

It started out as a simple conversation about their use of color and texture, but without questions, they expanded passionately on their abstract art style as well as what their art stands for. Together, they are in a small group of art students known as “The Grime.” I thought that was pretty cool, and how they know themselves to be “always hustlin'” in art. According to Tida, you create a world of hybridity from abstract ways. Compared to figurative painting, you’re studying off an object and it’s easy. But to create something abstract, it’s different–limitless. Certain colors are emphasized in their pieces to bring out emotions it may make them feel (like a puzzle), and that is the main goal of their art.

All in all, I just love how they expressed a lot of love and passion towards art through this conversation.


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