Wk 3 – Classmate Interview – Abby Luna


Today, I met a cool girl named Abby Luna. Her full name is Abigail, but she usually prefers Abby. At first, I came much earlier to class today so I was one of the few Art110 students standing or sitting awkwardly by ourselves as we waited for 11 o’clock. That’s when Abby sat down next to me and started to introduce herself. Immediately I knew she was friendly and she seemed pretty outgoing! We started talking about the Instagram project we had to do this week, and how we were both confused about it. I learned that she was a freshman just like me, and lives in Downey County. She is currently undeclared, but plans on pursuing nursing. She likes the color blue and has never been on an airplane just like me, so I thought that was pretty cool! We talked about traveling, food, shopping, music, our siblings, and even our glasses. Abby has traveled to Mexico as a young girl, and she has also gone cliff diving in Arizona. At first, we talked about how she used to wear glasses like me, until she finally got contacts. She was afraid of using them at first, similar to how I feel about contact lenses. It led to the conversation where she went cliff diving and her contact lenses never fell out, so I was pretty surprised. Abby also loves burgers and fries, as they are her favorite foods. She loves them so much that she could eat fries when she’s bored. I thought of her as a funny individual, and I’m glad we spontaneously met today!


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