Wk 3 – Activity – Instagram

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetIMG_5325 This week, I had to create a new Instagram account and post pictures of anything throughout my day. First, it was a picture I took after I went to the gym and was heading back to my dorm. After that workout, I was simply winding down and began working on a sketchbook project of mine, and then took a nap, where I took a picture of my wall. After that nap, I went on to take pictures of some clothes I was trying to sell online and decided to add that to my Instagram feed.

What I saw were basically my surroundings and what I was doing. After scrolling through the rest of the #art110s15 tags, I noticed that everybody was posting similar things: their surroundings or what they were doing. I think that was the main connection that everybody had, and it surprises me because it’s something that happens everyday but we never really think about it. Like, you wouldn’t be wondering on the daily what hundreds of other students are doing at that exact moment because you’re busy doing your own things at the same time. Once you look through that Instagram feed, you realize how lively and human it feels as we are all on our school/work grind, or doing things with our friends. It’s like a huge piece of living artwork full of diversity and life, progressing through an ordinary day. It kind of makes you realize how similar we all are as human beings.


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