Wk 4 – Artist Interview – Liz Talbot and Haley Toyama

IMG_5506 IMG_5505

Liz and Haley are both fourth year students at Cal State Long Beach. According to them, light is everything to their artwork. Liz likes to work with direct observation when doing art, so oftentimes she would be the person sitting in an ally to observe and paint her surroundings. In contrast, Haley creates some of the paintings from her imagination, or through photos. They both follow more of a conceptual style, and reflect solitude in their artwork. It isn’t the bad kind of solitude though–it’s being alone, but not loneliness.

A lot of their style focuses on architecture, buildings, and living places. They try to focus on the complexities of peoples’ living spaces, as well as the composition of how objects are placed together in that space. With this, their artwork is mainly a play of light placed in a grid and broken apart by perspective. I enjoyed looking at their paintings a lot, as it gave me an urban type of feel which is something I love. Personally, when I look at their paintings, I don’t see a still life image of the urban lifestyle. To me, it’s almost as if I could imagine the picture moving–I can even imagine the sounds. For example, I could imagine the trees and lampost lights rustling in the reflection of the water of the third painting, or the taxi car slowly driving by the street with the sound of its tires going through fresh rain on the roads. That was my favorite part about viewing their artwork.


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