Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – Julian Pineda


This week, I interviewed Julian Pineda. We were both early to class and sitting next to each other outside the galleries, so why not interview each other? Julian is a freshman from Lake Elsinore. I’ve never heard of that city before, so I thought it sounded pretty cool! He is currently studying criminal justice as he aspires to become an FBI agent in the future. We started sharing our hobbies and interests. Julian likes to draw, just like I do! He drew cartoons, and a lot of abstract shapes. He also did shadowing. Aside from drawing, Julian also likes spending his time watching Netflix, or being outdoors. He is also into sports! In high school, he was in track, cross country, soccer, and even swim. What a handful, right? I asked him if he has taken any art classes before, and he has apparently taken one in middle school. We talked about how art in middle school was different from our art class now, and he told me how he is only taking Art 110 for the GE requirement. Julian also has three brothers–two older, and one younger. That was another thing we had in common, having brothers. One thing Julian said that stood out to me was while we were talking about food was that he dislikes pho. I was so surprised, as pho is one of my most favorite foods that I grew up eating! He also enjoys reading on his spare time. It’s usually rare to meet a guy who’s into sports and reading, so I thought that was pretty neat. He also works at a Vans store in a mall. If you ever want discounts on some Vans, he’s definitely the guy you should go to (just kidding, don’t do that).


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