Wk 5 – Activity – Kickstarter

For this week’s activity, we had to go onto Kickstarter and explore campaigns from different categories. For the first two areas, I chose Design and Technology. One campaign from the technology area highly caught my attention because it’s something I’ve always wished I had: a polaroid camera. This project is similar to a polaroid camera as it instantly prints a photo from your phone seconds after you take a picture, even better that it’s from your phone. This compares to the second video because they are both unique phone cases specifically for photography. However, I liked the Instant Camera project much more than the one for mobile photography. To me, this phone case reminded me of a Go Pro, which is something that I would rather invest in than a phone case for mobile photography (which would probably be very unsteady).

Prynt: The First Instant Camera Case for iPhone and Android:

Moment Case: World’s Best iPhone Case for Mobile Photography:

For the next two areas, I found projects in Arts and Photography. The first project was really intriguing to me, not so much of what the artists do, but because of their purpose. Their goal was to raise and fund money to help the homeless people of “Skid Row.” To me, there’s nothing more humble and humane to do than that.  The next project was much less intriguing to me because they focused on a photography book based on the life of one family. These two projects are similar because they both focus on human beings, specifically those in poverty. They both used the art of communication to persuade me from capturing powerful images of the people and their living conditions.

The Skid Robot Project:

The Lams of Ludlow Street:


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