Wk 5 – Artist Interview – “Frankie”

IMG_5817 IMG_5818 IMG_5819

For this week’s artist interview, the works from the Drawing and Painting Club greatly attracted me, so I decided to interview Francis. His work of the Jazz and blues intrigued me by it’s abstract style. When I first met Francis, I noticed his tattoos and had to ask him about them. I like that he designed his own tattoos, since I want to be able to design my own tattoos one day as well. According to Francis, also known as “Frankie,” his piece from the Drawing and Painting Club was inspired by the use of color as well as music. One point he made that I agree with was that music does have an influence on your art pieces. Francis also experiments with other art mediums such as charcoal pencil and oil pastel, but painting is his favorite. He started painting 6 years ago simply because he wanted to try it one day. In the beginning, however, he started out using oil paints before he experimented with other mediums, eventually using them together. It is also Francis’s last semester at Cal State Long Beach.


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