Wk 5 – Classmate Interview – Veronica Meza

For this week’s classmate interviews, I met Veronica Meza. Veronica is a 19 year old sophomore who is currently a pre-psychology major. I thought that was interesting because I might also consider being a psychology major. Her goals are to become a therapist after college. Veronica is also from Long Beach, which is convenient because she takes the bus to school. I thought it was really smart that she took the bus to school as it’s cheaper than having a car and buying a school parking permit. Some things that Veronica is interested in includes belly dancing, drawing, and shopping. I don’t remember how our hair was brought up into our conversation, but she wishes to ombré her hair and trim it. I think that would look cute on her! She also enjoys watching Netflix, and is currently watching a show called “Once Upon A Time” which I heard was good. We talked about our favorite foods as well, and we both love Thai food a lot. Veronica loves to try new things though! She also has a sister who is 5 years older than her, but they are practically like twin sisters. That was pretty unique to me because nowadays it’s rare to see siblings with an age gap of 4+ years who are close. Veronica seemed like a very sweet person.


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