Wk 6 – Artist Interview – Emily Babbette


For this week’s artist interview, the works from “La Vie En Noir” caught my attention. The works of art pictured above were made by Emily Babbette. Babbette enjoyed making portraits of people, specifically her friends that model for her. She stated that it usually takes about 3 hours, 4-5 times, to complete a drawing. Emily specifies in being a figurative artist, and believes that musical subcultures are very important. She started painting and drawing about 2 years ago, but has always loved art and making art. She never thought of the technical aspects until now. It was the year that she spent traveling abroad in Europe, that influenced her to do art more. Many of her friends are musicians, whom are pictured in the art works above. She likes to draw an exact image of their natural environments, in the clothing that they are comfortable with. Most of the friends she drew are goth chicks who are into rock music, or 80’s music. Because of that, she tried to incorporate their music taste/type behind their self portraits in the drawings. If you look closely, you could see posters and images behind their heads.

In total, Emily Babbette takes about 30-40 hours to complete each piece of work. One fact that was interesting to me was that the girl pictured in her 3rd artwork of the first image is actually her sister. I took interest in Babbette’s artwork because of how detailed and intricate the portraits appeared. I could almost picture the actual person in real life, sitting on those chairs. I also found it interesting because I also loved to draw realistic people, so this was inspiring to me.


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