Wk 6 – Classmate Interview – Xiaofang Fei

For this week’s classmate interview, I met Xiaofang Fei. It was still early in class, and I saw her wandering across the galleries by herself so I decided to approach her. It turns out that this is Xiaofang’s first year in America–she is a transfer student from Southern China. That peaked my interest, since I am also Chinese and my mother was from Southern China also. Sadly, not the same area though.The first thing I asked was if she lived in the International Housing dorms since I live in the dorms straight across from her. Apparently, she rents an apartment on her own near the school. She originally studied international business, but changed her major to film business. She speaks fluently in Mandarin, and knows a decent amount of English. She also knows other dialects in Chinese, but isn’t sure what it is called. Xiaofang has one older sister and one younger brother, so she is a middle child just like me! Her older sister recently just had a baby, so Xiaofang has a new baby nephew/niece in her family. She is taking Art 110 because it is a requirement in her film business major. Xiaofang has always wanted to see the ocean while she lived in China, so now that she lives in California, she goes to the beach every week which is pretty neat. She also has a boyfriend whom she met in China, but he lives in California. She said he is partially the reason that she moved to California, and I thought that was so adorable! She loves to swim and loves spicy food just like I do. She also loves seafood, fruits, and the color blue. I love finding things in common with other people. Xiaofang is currently 21 years old, and an interesting fact about her is that she had laser eye surgery two weeks ago. She used to wear glasses and had horrible vision, but after a 5-10 minute process that costed her $500, she can now see just fine without her glasses.


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