Wk 7 – Activity – Portrait Photography

This week was a very interesting project to me. It brought me to this question that crosses all of our minds at least once in our lifetime: “If you could choose how you end your life, how would you like to die?”

I think what made it interesting was that it really made me think about death. It reminded me of the people I’ve lost in my life, and I’m also reminded that life revolves around death. All week, I struggled with the question of how I would want to depart from the world and in all honesty, the way I would want to depart is not easy to depict in  one photograph. This weekend, I went on a road trip with my friends to San Jose, and after being in the car for so long it finally came to me: why not death by a car? The best way I could think of depicting this was laying in front my friend’s car under a yield sign in the CBA parking structure, since I clearly couldn’t create a scene of a car accident.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

So for my portrait, it took about 3 tries (3 different positions with all kinds of angles) before I finally got my final picture. I realized it was really just an effortless picture (ft. my friend’s shadow…). I wanted my portrait to have kind of a “dramatic” feel to it, so I thought of floor angles. The first 2 tries basically turned out like the first image, but I figured that in order to add drama to a scene, it’s all on the angles! After adding some slight filters and altering the brightness/contrast, the outcome was perfect to me.

Basically, my story behind this picture is me getting hit by a car as I walk across a yield sign. So I guess I can say the moral of this picture is to be cautious as a driver or pedestrian.


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