Wk 7 – Artist Interview – Clare Samani

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This week, the gallery featuring the theme of “Paradox” caught my attention. Personally, I love art of all things surreal such as the artworks that were presented here, so of course it was of interest to me. I met Clare Samani today, one of the artists of this show. To her, the purpose of all these artworks in “Paradox” is to show different kinds of print making. In print making, there must be clean edges in the artwork and it must be “technically sound.” Clare enjoys drawing and painting, and her drawing in this show is titled “I Know That I Know Nothing At All.” It is of the girl standing on rocks. At first, it looked like a drawing out of pencil, but then Clare explained the process of making this piece. I never thought print making would be such a long process, but basically to sum it up, Clare photoshopped the rocks together and then drew them, and then transferred the image using a lithograph. The paradox of this artwork is the thought. It is a contradiction to something that may be true, and so the statements are contradictory to the action.

Personally, I really enjoyed viewing this gallery because I loved the theme of it. Many of the artworks were just so unique to me, and it’s presented in a style that I also draw. Surrealism is one of my favorite kinds of art, and that is what a lot of pieces in this gallery depicted. “Momento Mori” was my favorite piece!


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