Wk 7 – Classmate Interview – Danielle Elemento

This week I decided to interview Danielle. I’ve met Danielle weeks ago from this organization we’re both in, called Zeta Sis, but I never got the chance to actually get to know her. My first impression of this girl was that she was really nice, and her last name sounded pretty cool! I learned that she is currently 18 years old, a first year, majoring in psychology. She wants to be an occupational therapist for children, which I thought was unique because I’ve never heard of that before. It also caught my interest because I also might consider pursuing psychology. Danielle was born in San Jose and lived in Stockton most of her life before moving to Mission Viejo, and she now lives in Long Beach. This girl had so many hobbies and things she enjoys doing, such as drawing, doodling, singing, playing volleyball, watching basketball, being with friends, going to the beach, as well as eating out with family or friends. Her favorite foods are paninis, froyo, and pizza, and she likes to listen to hip hop and pop. She is taking art as a GE requirement, but that’s okay for her because she likes art, and she also didn’t want to take theater. Art is something that she is good at! Some organizations she is in includes Zeta Sis (which we are in together), Chi Delta Theta, and also PAC. Danielle has one older sister, and she is of Filipino descent.


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