Wk 8 – Artist Interview – Nolan Reiter

This week, I decided to interview Nolan Reiter. Nolan’s artwork was interesting to me because I’ve never seen or heard of screen printing art. He went on to explain the process to me and it was actually a lot easier than I thought! Basically, you just have to make a stencil and take it through a screen to transfer it onto paper. The process could take up to 9 or 10 hours, and it is a way that people make T-shirts. I also thought it was cool because it’s as if you could copy and paste the design by using the screen and stencil over and over again by changing out the papers. Like a stamp, almost. Nolan separated each color on different screens, which is how he achieved the different layers of color on his artwork. Similar to photoshop, he layered his colors carefully when applying them.

Nolan first started screen printing in high school, so he has done this for about 5 years. He also now has a print making job at a T-shirt company. This was pretty cool to me because back then I used to always want to create my own T-shirts but I never understood how you could do that (other than directly painting/drawing onto the shirt). It was nice learning something new that I wondered about for a while!


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