Wk 9 – Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning

Cognitive Map

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Adopt A Building: Hillside Building A

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The building that I decided to adopt was the very building that I call home. I dorm at Hillside, Building A to be specific, and I thought it would be interesting to get to know it a little more since I live here. This building is said to look like a jail because of the brick walls, but I think that’s one of the perks of these buildings. In a way, the bricks help keep it cool when it’s hot outside. It’s difficult to see in the photo above, but the second floor has a open area where you can look down into the common room. Many times, people find that cool because in dorms such as Parkside, they don’t have the ability to overlook their common room like us. I met one student that lived in this building for almost 3 years now, so I decided to ask him about the building and some changes it might have gone through.

According to this student, they got rid of several other common rooms for mini rooms. Also, the sinks inside the suites were designed wrongly and poorly. Some sinks do not reach out far enough for students to wash their hands. Also, they designed the shower head height from the bathroom floor instead of the bathtub floor, causing it to be very difficult for a tall person to shower. Many new rooms got new furniture over the years, and overall, a lot of things remain broken. People also jokingly say there’s a ghost in this dorm, due to the lack of wifi in the common area and a lot of peoples’ belongings had gone missing.

Redesign the CSULB Campus

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For this section of this week’s activity, I decided on redesigning what I wished was different the most about campus: my dorms. I wanted to redesign Hillside’s common room as well as the laundry room. To do this, I thought of using a game that I had to build it myself and used the resources in the game to add furniture that I would like in my redesigned area. Using the Sims 3, I built little sample rooms of my design. The common room would contain two levels. A few days back, I read an article about leveling your living room space this way to create an area of “conversation,” which I was trying to achieve in my design. For the laundry room, I wanted to redesign it because I hated that it was in the basement of my building. I designed a laundry area on the 1st floor instead, adding more sinks and more dryers and washing machines. In our Hillside laundry room, there are only 2 dryers and 2 washing machines, so it’s problematic sometimes when they are all used up.

My ideas for these two areas are mostly for convenience. I did not design for looks (if you can tell), but designed it for what would make people more comfortable instead.


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