Wk 9 – Artist Interview – Michael Rollins

This week I interviewed the artist Michael Rollins. His stood out to me because I personally love all things abstract! According to Michael, abstract can mean something for anybody. He says it’s just a bunch of paint thrown onto a canvas, but in those random splashes of paint is also reason. That statement stood out a lot to me, because I felt he was right. Often times people would look at a piece of art and think, that’s not art, it’s just random things thrown together. But in reality, it could have meaning to it, or to the artist. To Rollins, abstract art is beginning with a simple color or shape and freely going from there. They are unpredictable. At times, he would begin a painting and end up not even finishing it how he originally planned it to turn out. But in the end, he does love it. The painting becomes “a conversation between you and what’s happening” so it’s basically like a direct connection between the artist and their work.

Michael’s work kind of showed me to be more spontaneous, and “unpredictable” in art. Not only in art, in fact. I’m always focused on wanting things to go certain ways, but if applied in life, great things could happen too. Unpredictable is good.


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