Wk 9 – Classmate Interview – Lahya Woodruff

I met Lahya Woodruff for this classmate interview. My initial thoughts of Lahya were that she was a very straightforward and nice person! She is currently a 2nd year, majoring in pre-human development. She’s the first of that major that I’ve met, so that was pretty cool. Lahya wants to be a teacher, and she currently works at YMCA with 1st graders. She really enjoys her job. I respect anyone who is working with young children, because they are basically teaching the next generations to come. CSULB was Lahya’s first choice out of all the Cal State Universities because it was local to her, and it was also known to be a good school. She extremely loves her choice! I asked her where she was from, and was expecting an answer somewhere in California. But actually, Lahya was born in Detroit, Michigan. After a few years, she moved to California where she spent most of her life. Some things that she enjoys doing is working out, eating good food, and doing a lot of fun, outdoor activities. She wants to do a lot of traveling in the future, with hopes of exploring the world. Lahya also loves animals, which is something that we have in common! Her favorite food are hot wings, and her favorite color is green. I thought Lahya was a very cool individual.


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