Wk 12 – Classmate Interview – Jacob Macmaster

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

This week, I met Jacob. It was funny because it was getting near the end of class, people were leaving, and I still didn’t have my interview done! As I mindlessly walked around the courtyard I bumped into Jacob who was also in the same situation as me.

Jacob is a biology major, which I must give props to him because it was a difficult major that I once considered. He is currently a 4th or 5th year, and wants to be a dentist in the future. Jacob came to Long Beach State on interesting circumstances, as he told me the story of how he came from Fresno, graduated from EMT, and got into Long Beach. As an undeclared major, I told him how I was interested in psychology/counseling, and he told me how his father was a family marriage therapist. According to him, it’s a pretty interesting job. Some hobbies of Jacob include working out, being productive, and snowboarding as well. However, he hasn’t been working out much due to a snowboarding incident he had that impacted his shoulder. He has snowboarded since he was 16. He also lived in the Beachside dormitories during his freshman year of college. One unique fact I learned about Jacob was that he is actually engaged to someone else that is in our Art 110 class! It was interesting to me because I never expected to meet anybody that was engaged in college.

Overall, I thought Jacob was a friendly guy who is extremely approachable.


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