Feedback EC

As I look back, there were a lot more enjoyable activities than the ones I disliked. However, among my favorite activities include: painting & drawing, performance arts, and portrait photography. The three of my least favorites include algorithmic art, remix culture, and yarn bombing.

The reason for my three favorites is because they were activities that gave me new experiences, or got me out my comfort zone. I have never spray painted before, so it was definitely a new to me when I first held that spray can! It is also something I look forward to trying again one day. I also enjoyed the performance arts activity, as this was the activity that really brought me out my comfort zone. I’m not exactly an introvert, but when it comes to people, I would prefer not to bring myself up to them. But for this activity, I did that spontaneously as I handed gifts to people I didn’t know very well, and I can’t describe how ecstatic it made me feel! Portrait photography landed on my favorites as well, only because there was a good memory behind the photo when my friend took it for me. That activity consisted of a lot of laughs, which was highly enjoyable for me.

My least favorites were algorithmic art, remix culture, and yarn bombing primarily because I had no idea what I wanted to do for these activities. When they were completed, I wasn’t even half as satisfied with my work. I also struggled a lot mainly in coming up with ideas for these activities, and that struggle was definitely stressful especially when it neared 12AM on those Sunday nights. I don’t completely dislike them, but they’re just on the bottom of the list. That mostly describes remix culture for me. Algorithmic art was difficult because I found it hard to come up with some sort of procedure, and I spent so much time on trying to think of a good one that I ended up wasting a lot of time, only to rush in a simple and quick procedure. Yarn bombing was a struggle for me also because I did not know what to create/yarn-bomb.

In the end, I think the class could improve in some aspects. There should be more enjoyable activities that influence students to get out of their own worlds/bubbles–activities that leave a good experience/memory like it did for me. I think that way, students will find each activity enjoyable as well as educational in some sort of way. Other than that, lectures were interesting and I thought the index card idea for attendance was brilliant. Art 110 was a good class!


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