Wk 14 – Classmate Interview – Janelle Reyes

I remember in the very beginning of this semester, Janelle was among one of the first people that I met in this class. It’s funny, because we spent the first day walking around welcome week to check out clubs after Art class but I never got to know her or interview her until now.

Janelle is currently a first year who is dorming, just like I am. Right now, she is living in the Parkside dorms on campus. She was born in the Bay area, specifically in Sunnyvale–20 minutes away from San Francisco, which is about an hour and a half away from my hometown. Janelle was originally in pre-nursing but she switched to accounting and will be starting her business pre-requisites next fall. She currently works at a milk tea shop called Bambu as a summer job, which was interesting to me because I love drinking boba and asian dessert drinks! Some clubs that she is associated with include PAC, which is busy with an upcoming event known as PCN (PAC Culture Night). Some hobbies of hers include going on adventures, as she loves nature but also loves the city/downtown. She enjoys hanging out with friends and eating out, and loves being active. Her favorite activity is hiking. She also likes to read and watch movies indoors too! A cool fact I learned about her was that she plays music. Janelle plays guitar, piano, and she even sings as well. She states that music is very important to her because she was once in her school band and also did marching band for 4 years, playing the trombone. Next year, rather than dorming again, she plans to live in the Park Avenue apartments. She wishes to get a job as well as rushing in a sorority! Right now, she is unsure if she would like to rush for IFC or a cultural sorority, but as long as she becomes a part of something, that is all she would like.

As I’ve learned, it turns out that she is a very open minded person! As a first impression, Janelle is a very sweet person.


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